Mintage Info

Design ID Name Weight Finish Mintage
UMS-1P Button 3 Troy Oz Polished Open
UMS-2P Loaf 5 Troy Oz Polished Open
UMS-3P Tut's Revenge 3 Troy Oz Glossy Patina 50
UMS-4P Jolly Roger 5 Troy Oz Polished 50
UMS-5P Steampunk 7 Troy Oz Polished 50
UMS-6P Majestic Freedom 4 Troy Oz Glossy Patina 50
UMS-7P Deck The Halls 100 Grams Polished 50
UMS-1 Looney Joe 1 Troy Oz Prooflike 1000
UMS-2 Uncle Joe Punchcard 1 Troy Oz Prooflike 1150
UMS-3 United We Stand 1 Troy Oz Prooflike 630
UMS-4 Hocus Potus 1 Troy Oz Prooflike 230
UMS-5 Bring On The Spies 1 Troy Oz Prooflike 260
UMS-6 Canada Gal 1 Troy Oz UV Colored 300
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